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Timing in Golf is Everything!!!

Our recent campaign to improve tournament playing time has been a huge success!
Your diligent effort to log times on scorecards, and perhaps your real-time awareness of pace of play has so far resulted in a 30 minute improvement in playing time.  Pace of play has improved in every event and, if this trend continues, the entire field may reach the illusive 4 hour round of golf!
In July, one quarter of the field played in under 4hr 15min; half the field in under 4hr 30min and all except the final group in under 5 hours!  Actually, the final group played in 5 hours exactly!  The first 3 groups played in 4hr 4min!

Tips to improve playing time:

The stretch between holes 4-7 seems to be a problem area. Make any effort you can to close the gaps and allow groups behind to play their second shots in on Hole 4 or hit up on Hole 5 (or any par 3) when appropriate. Drive carts directly around to the #6 tee before you putt out on #5. This last thing seems like a trivial matter, but it saves a minute over 20 groups, this becomes 20 minutes on overall time)
Play ready golf at all times, even around the greens. Read your putts while your partners putt and be prepared to putt when your turn arises.
At tees, always hit first andattend to scorecard after.  It is very important other players watch tee shots to get a line on stray shots. Play a provisional ball if you have any concern about a lost ball. Be reasonable with search time and, if looking for 2 players shots, pair off and overlap your 5 minutes when possible.
You may have other ideas to improve play times, please feel free to contact any board member with your ideas & suggestions. Your opinion matters! Please continue to accurately and neatly log times on scorecards. Thanks for your commitment to improve the OLMGC tournament experience.
Play Well…..

your OLMGC Board of Directors  

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